Vision & Mission


Undoubtedly, academic qualification has its own significance in today’s world, but apart from that we also make sure that we give adequate importance to the co-curricular activities of the students. It has often been seen that such activities bring out the students’ talents to the forefront and eventually help them in realizing their forte. We also make it a point to stand by each other in the hour of need, but not to the point of being unethical. We teach them to fight the adversities of life with valour and speak for themselves. They are taught that they ought to be tough, yet not rough.


Just as each student belongs to the school, the school too is of every student. The school does not merely comprise of the concrete structure or furniture but majorly of the students. The students are the ones that instill life in the lifeless building of school. We don’t believe in so-called ‘average students’ or ‘creamy layer’, on the contrary we prefer to concentrate on transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. We prefer to build the students as an individual with their head held high. We map the psychological profile of each student along with their mental ability and finally prepare a growth chart for their future. It is an essential pre-requisite for the mentoring of our students by the efficient mentors. We make them self reliant and self dignified, both in academic as well as in personal life.